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Frequently Asked Questions

About Your Treatment

  • Will my treatment hurt?
    The filler we use for Lip Augmentations and Dermal Fillers contain an anaesthetic, so after the first few injections the area becomes numb. We also use a numbing cream prior to starting your treatment for your comfort. Our Anti-Wrinkle Injections are relatively painless and over very quickly - we use a very fine needle to minimize any discomfort and correct technique makes your treatment as non-invasive as possible.
  • Where do you work from?
    We work out of several clinics throughout Melbourne and Perth - when you book your consultation call we'll schedule your most convenient location over the phone!
  • What kind of side effects are there?
    As with any medical treatment, there is always a risk of some potential side-effect. With the treatments you'll find at Beneath The Skin the temporary and short-term effects might include bruising, swelling and redness. As with any medical procedure or injection there is a risk of infection, and on extremely rare instances necrosis of the skin or allergic reactions.
  • How long will it take until I see results?
    For a Dermal Fillers, you'll generally see a noticeable improvement straight away. At first your lips might be slightly swollen and red, and once this swelling subsides you'll see an immediate change. For a Lip Filler the results are usually immediately visible - your lips may be slightly swollen for up to a week after your treatment, but this usually subsides much quicker. For our Anti-Wrinkle Treatments it normally takes 2-3 days for the filler to begin working, and optimal results will be seen after 10-14 days.
  • How long will my treatment last?
    For a Lip Filler you can expect the plumping properties to last for 3-6 months. Dermal Fillers usually last between 5 months to 2 years, depending on the site of the treatment - for example larger areas like the cheeks will see results for longer than smaller areas like the lips. Anti-Wrinkle treatments usually last between 3-5 months, however this depends on the muscle tone of your face and your metabolism.
  • Is this safe?
    YES! Our Dermal Filler, for example, is derived from a sugar that naturally occurs in the matrix of our skin - this sugar gives our skin it's volume. Our Anti-Wrinkle injections include a naturally purified protein - we don't use harmful or dangeorus chemicals.
  • What are the most common areas to treat?
    For our Anti-Wrinkle treatment the most common areas are the frown lines, forehead lines and the crow's feet around the eyes. For our Dermal Fillers they can be used almost anywhere to corect volume loss and fill lines - this might include cheeks, lips, jawlines and nasolabial folds.
  • I don't want to look frozen or unnatural - is that possible?
    Of course! We will tailor your treatment to suit your skin, complexion and facial structure - our aim is to give you the natural look you are after.
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